Nemo "Dory ZOMG"

Serious request!!!

I NEED your help guys. In two weeks I will have to do an entrance examination for the art acacemy and I'm stressed out!
I have two assignments, one for the art academy in general and one for the study that I want to do, wich is illustration.
And I desperately need your help with the first one.
the assignment is:

"My thing, my place."

Yeah, it's about me -_-". This piece should show the people what I'm all about, and where I am. And I don't know what to do. So what I want to ask you is, please comment to this post with as many words, ideas, pictures, quotes, characters, places, movies, scenes, songs etc, that remind you of me and explain your choice please. Thank you guys. You are really helping me with this. <3

p.s. please keep it low on the Disney stuff, I already know that I'm a lot like Meg, Jasmine, Helga Sinclair and Esmeralda. Surprise me and don't be afraid to hurt my feelings, positive or negative it doesn't matter. I need inspiration.
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